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Hearts of 1440: Meet Tricia Markovitz
Hearts of 1440: Meet Tricia Markovitz
Teacher: Tricia Markovitz
Class Type: Contemplative Practices
Class Duration: 0-5 Minutes
Skill Level: Beginner

Meet Your 1440 Experience Instructor

Tricia Markovitz is one of more than a dozen 1440 Experience Instructors that serves our guests on the 1440 Multiversity campus, specializing in yoga, meditation, relationships and healthy living. "Being here at 1440 after having a long career in dentistry and the stresses of that, it's a blessing to be here and to serve people…and give in that way," Tricia says. "As we open up hearts and feed souls, we also get healed. It's a beautiful place - we are creating hope for living well." 


Practicing what she teaches is Tricia's compass to navigating a balanced, joyful, and rewarding life. You are invited to join Tricia in her signature classes during select 1440 Community Learning Events on campus, or here on 1440 Living Well - she considers guiding people to experience their divinity through stillness and connecting their highest self as her calling.

Getting to Know Tricia Markovitz

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