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Yoga for Self-Compassion
Signature Classes
Yoga for Self-Compassion
Teacher: Tricia Markovitz
Class Type: Embodied Movement
Class Duration: 16-30 Minutes
Skill Level: Beginner

Treat Yourself with Kindness

Immerse yourself in Yoga for Self-Compassion, a class that embraces the practice of treating yourself with kindness, gentleness and respect. With an open heart, 1440 Experience Instructor Tricia Markovitz guides you through a transformative journey, tuning into the rhythms of your breath and body. Beginning with soothing pranayama breathing exercises to ease into relaxation, the session gently transitions into stretches that warm up the body, culminating in a series of yoga poses designed to fortify your body and core. Ideal for all yoga levels. 


In preparation for this class, we recommend having a yoga mat, blanket, yoga blocks, and either a yoga strap, belt, or scarf for stretching exercises.

Yoga for Self-Compassion

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