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Meditation for Renewed Clarity
Signature Classes
Meditation for Renewed Clarity
Teacher: Tricia Markovitz
Class Type: Contemplative Practices
Class Duration: 6-10 Minutes
Skill Level: Beginner

Clear the Cobwebs From Your Mind & Heart

We are constantly faced with making decisions throughout life and work, and as they pile up, so too do the often difficult tasks of making these choices clearly and thoughtfully. It is a gift to be able to slow ourselves down, remove the cobwebs we've collected, and then move forward with a sense of awareness, peace and intent. In this guided meditation with 1440 Experience Instructor Tricia Markovitz, you are invited to take a much-needed pause in your day as you recognize whatever comes to you and reset with a sense of calm and direction. 

You're Invited: Meditation for Renewed Clarity

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