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Meditation Benefits and a Short Practice
Signature Classes
Meditation Benefits and a Short Practice
Teacher: Tricia Markovitz
Class Type: Contemplative Practices
Class Duration: 0-5 Minutes
Skill Level: Beginner

Learn About the Gift of Meditation

Did you know that it takes just 56 days of practicing meditation to change the physical structure of your brain? The scientifically proven benefits of meditation and mindfulness are endless - meditation is the antidote to stress, produces the feel-good hormone oxytocin, and can bring you to a place of calm, gratitude and contentment even in some of your most challenging moments. Join 1440 Experience Instructor Tricia Markovitz to learn more about this powerful, simple tool that can be done anywhere, then practice for yourself with a brief guided meditation. This episode of 1440 Living Well is a great primer for longer guided meditations. 

You're Invited: Meditation Benefits and a Short Practice

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