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  • Is the 1440 campus ADA accessible?

    Is the 1440 campus ADA accessible?
    • 1440 meets all requirements for ADA compliance and offers those with special needs several options while on campus to make their stay more comfortable including, but not limited to, special room accommodations, accessible ramps, transportation assistance, and communication devices.
    • It is important to note that the campus is situated on hilly terrain, and there is not a continuous accessible pathway between points on campus; however, each building has an accessible path into it. To ensure access between buildings that do not have an accessible path between them, we offer an accessible shuttle. This shuttle is provided to transport guests from parking areas to accessible pathways leading to campus buildings and to transport guests between accessible pathways so that they can enter each building. For additional questions about accessibility and to coordinate your transportation while on campus, please contact us at least two weeks in advance of your arrival at 1-844-544-1440 (option 1) or [email protected].