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  • What are the main differences between 1440 Multiversity and a hotel?

    What are the main differences between 1440 Multiversity and a hotel?
    • 1440 Multiversity is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit learning destination, not a for-profit hotel.
    • Pricing at 1440 is packaged to include overnight accommodations, meals, learning classes, and tuition. Most hotels charge for the room only and all other services are priced separately.
    • 1440 offers a minimalist approach to design and function vs hotels which offer luxurious comforts.
    • 1440 has no minibars, TVs, or room service so guests can focus on the content and reflect on the learning taking place in their classrooms with no distractions; hotels offer most of these amenities, services, and more.
    • Unlike hotels that have one or more dining outlets and room service, there is no a la carte restaurant at 1440. All meals are provided in Kitchen Table community style and guests all enjoy the same menu during set meal hours designed around the learning classes offered.
    • There are no minibars in the guest rooms at 1440 containing beverages and snacks. Guests are encouraged to bring their own water bottles and utilize the complimentary filtered water filling stations in each building. Snacks are available for purchase at Common Grounds café.
    • 1440 has a curfew and expects all guests to honor the 10:00 pm lights out and quiet time mandate to afford all guests a good night's rest to optimize the learning experience.
    • All guests are encouraged to attend movement and mindfulness classes offered at least three times a day as part of their daily package, whereas most hotels do not offer such classes.
    • Traditional hotels offerings such as valet parking, local shuttles, and concierge are not offered at 1440. The campus is designed for students to service themselves.